1. Agency's mandate and functions; List of Officials (with their position and designation, and contact information)
    1. Charter
    2. Mission and Vision
    3. Function
    4. List of Officials
  1. DBM Approved Budget and Corresponding Targets
    1. COB
    2. Performance Target
  1. Modifications made pursuant to the general and special provisions in the FY 2018 GAA (N/A)


  1. Annual Procurement Plan 
    1. 2018
    2. 2017
  1. Major Projects, Programs and Activities, Beneficiaries, and Status of Implementation
    1. CY 2018
    2. CY 2017
    3. CY 2016
    4. CY 2015
    5. CY 2014
  1.  Annual Financial Reports (whole year/as of December end of the year/4th Quarter)
    1. Annual Audited Financial Report
    2. Quarterly Financial Statements, Annual Reports and Trial Balance
    3. FAR No. 1
    4. BAR No. 1
    5. Local and Foreign Borrowings
    6. Government Subsidies and Net Lending
    7. All Borrowings Guaranteed by the Government
    8. Any Material risk factors and measures taken to manage such risk
    9. Performance Evaluation System (PES)
    10. Quarterly Monitoring Report of Performance Targets
  1. Annual Reports on the Status of Income authorized by law to be deposited outside the National Treasury (N/A) 
  1. QMS Certification
  1. System of Ranking Delivery Units
  1. The Agency Review and Compliance Procedure of Statements and Financial Disclosures
  1. The Final People's FOI Manual; Agency Information Inventory; 2017 and 2018 FOI Summary Report, and 2017 and 2018 FOI Registry
      • On Officers:
        1. Complete listing of NHMFC officers with attached resume for CY 2017
          1. Felixberto U. Bustos - President
          2. Livia Alicia R. Ramos - Executive Vice President
          3. Rosabella C. Jose - Vice President, Securitization Group
          4. Lourdes C. Bacani - Vice President, Corporate Support and Services Group
          5. Ma. Victoria L. Alpajaro - Vice President, Collection and Accounts Management Group
          6. Siegfrid E.G. Lapasaran - Vice President, Office of the Corporate Secretary
          7. Romeo S. Roldan - OIC, Fund and Asset Management Group
          8. Carolina C. Cortez - Manager, Securitization Group
          9. Maria Luisa M. Favila - Manager, Marketing Department Securitization Group
          10. Mark Natalio M. Sumisim - Manager, Mortgage Pooling Department
          11. Noe R. Valencia - Manager, Regional Accounts Servicing Department - CAMG
          12. Adornico P. Redondo Jr. - OIC, Central Office Collection and Mgt. Dept. - CAMG
          13. Editha O. Sta. Ines - OIC, Internal Audit Department
          14. Paz Divina O. Caballero - OIC, Risk Management Department
        1. Complete compensation package of all officers, including travel, representation, transportation and any other form of expenses or allowances for CY 2017
      • On Financial and Operational Matters:
        1. Annual Audited Financial Report
        1. Audited Financial Statement in the immediate past three years
        1. Quarterly Financial Statements, Annual Reports and Trial Balance
    1.  Disclosure Requirements
      1. Audited Financial Statements in the immediate five (5) years
      1. Quarterly, Annual Reports and Trial Balance
      2. Current Corporate Operating Budget CY 2017
      3. Complete Compensation package of all the Board Members and Officers CY 2017
      4. Local and Foreign Borrowings CY 2017
      5. Signed Performance Scorecard for Performance CY 2013 - 2017
      1. Government Subsidies and Net Lending CY 2017
      2. All borrowings guaranteed by the government CY 2017
      3. Other information or report the GCG may require:

i.1. Copy of Compensation Plan
i.2. Copy of Organizational Structure and Staffing Pattern