Legitimate assumer of the property, with a valid Deed of Sale that is duly signed by the original borrower, may apply for a formal Deed of Sale with Assumption of Mortgage (DOSAM) at NHMFC. The account must be in a current or updated status as of the date of the DOSAM application.




  1. Latest Certificate of Employment and Compensation (CEC) of the Vendee, duly notarized;
    • For contract workers: Copy of Contract of Employment duly authenticated by the Philippine Consulate or POEA
    • For income derived from business: Notarized Affidavit of Income
  2. TIN of Borrower and Assumer;
  3. PhilSys ID or any Government issued ID of the Borrower and Assumer;
  4. Electronic Certified True Copy of TCT from Registry of Deeds where the property is located;
  5. Certified True Copy of latest Tax Declaration for Land and Building;
  6. Updated RPT Receipt (current year) for Land and Building;
  7. Tax Clearance Certificate
  8. DOSAM duly filled up using NHMFC prescribed form, duly notarized
    • or valid Deed of Sale between the original borrower and the assumer (in the event that the original borrower can no longer be reached)
  9. Promissory Note, duly notarized;
  10. Processing Fee of PhP 1,000.00