Purchase Pre-owned Properties as your New Home or Development Project

Choose from our list of foreclosed properties that can be your next home or development project. Buy pre-owned properties with huge discounts and no down payment. Enjoy low interest rates and long payment terms.


Modes of Payment


Available for Cash and Installment Payment



Up to 30% discount for individual buyers
Up to 45% discount for group or developers

Down Payment


No down payment required


Interest Rates


Properties with selling price less than Php450,000.00 (as low as 4.5% for the first 10 years and 6.5% from the 11th year up to the end of its term)

Properties with selling price more than Php450,000.00 (as low as 6.5% for the first 10 years and 8.5% from the 11th year up to the end of its term)

Loan Term


Lot only (maximum of 10 years)
House and Lot (maximum of 30 years)

Eligible Buyers
  • Any qualified person, natural or juridical
  • Key Shelter Agency (KSA) and government employees/individuals who are interested to buy up to a maximum of two (2) lots covered by individual titles
  • Developers who are interested to buy properties per block covered by individual titles[/icon]
  • Developers who are interested to buy raw land or undeveloped projects covered by individual or mother titles
  • A group of at least two individuals/developers[/icon]

Get in Touch

For concerns and full details of this program, talk to us! Send your queries via email to the Acquired Assets Division at aad@nhmfc.gov.ph or call us at (02) 8892-5191/09178184769 and to the Special Accounts Servicing Division at sasd.spd@nhmfc.gov.ph or call us at (02) 8892-5758/09190665200.