NHMFC President Carlo Luis P. Rabat (left) and ALCO Vice-Chairman and President Jaime C. Gonzales (right) formalize the partnership of the two corporations through the signing of a Partnership Agreement.

The National Home Mortgage Finance Corporation (NHMFC) formally welcomed Arthaland Corporation (ALCO) into its circle of partner-developers under the NHMFC’s BALAI BERDE Program through the signing of a Partnership Agreement.

Under the agreement signed by NHMFC President Carlo Luis P. Rabat and ALCO Vice Chairman and President Jaime C. Gonzales, NHMFC will purchase eligible accounts from ALCO’s housing projects, such as Lucima – a condominium building in Cebu, and Sevina Park – a mixed-use community settled in Laguna.

ALCO is the only real estate developer in the Philippines with a portfolio that is 100% certified as sustainable, and recognized by both local and global organizations.

“Our collaboration means that sustainable projects will be more accessible and affordable to the broader market,” ALCO President Gonzales said during the signing ceremony.

According to NHMFC President Rabat, this agreement gives another edge in the corporation’s monumental task in addressing the housing backlog in the country and it also allows the two agencies to actively contribute in mitigating the threats of climate change by building affordable and environment-friendly homes.

In another statement, President Rabat said that getting ALCO on-board through BALAI BERDE Program could help NHMFC realize its objectives in facilitating green revolution in the housing sector.

“We believe that this partnership will serve as an encouragement for other developers and originators to participate in green, sustainable and resilient housing, and that this partnership would result in a virtuous exchange of ideas, experiences and expertise between Arthaland and NHMFC, to further improve and enhance the financing and implementation of green housing in the country,” Pres. Rabat stressed.

NHMFC’s BALAI BERDE program was formed to incentivize developers in building green, sustainable and affordable housing. The program has fixed interest rates as low as 3%, a loan to value ratio of up to 100% and the provision of interest subsidy in the form of interest reduction of up to 1% to marginalized sectors.

Also present at the event were NHMFC Vice President of the Securitization Group, Ma. Luisa Favila,  ALCO Vice President Oliver Chan, and Sustainability Manager, Kristina Samantha Pobre.***

NHMFC Communication Team