The National Home Mortgage Finance Corporation (NHMFC) led by President Renato de Leon Tobias expressed full support to  the Quezon City LGU’s thrust of promoting decent and affordable housing to Quezon City Informal Settler Families (ISFs) during the Buhay at Bahay: Urban Poor and Human Settlements Caravan 2023 held at Commonwealth High School, Brgy, Commonwealth, Quezon City.

In his message, President Tobias said thatover the years,  NHMFC has developed groundbreaking programs that cater to the different segments in the country such as the Socialized Housing Loan Take-out of Receivables or SHeLTer Program and the BERDE Program.

“In partnership with our housing originators and developers,   we trust that these programs can be extended to our intended ISFs of Quezon City,  as our financing programs offer fixed interest rates as low as 3%,  and a loan term of up to 30 years,” President Tobias stressed.

“We believe that the mission of providing safe, affordable, resilient and sustainable homes for the Filipinos is becoming more attainable. Together, we can do more in realizing this mission,” President Tobias added.

To formalize and seal this collaboration, NHMFC, together with other government and private sectors signed a Memorandum of Understanding  (MOU) with the Quezon City LGU thru the office of Councilor Fernando “Mikey” Belmonte.

Under the MOU, NHMFC commits to identify, implement and monitor relevant NHMFC programs that can be extended to intended urban poor communities of Quezon City, and identify national government properties which may be utilized for Housing Projects for QC ISFs that NHMFC may eventually take-out once constructed and occupied.

NHMFC will also aid in ensuring that the construction of the model Green Socialized Housing in Quezon City qualifies in the Building Eligible Resident Dwelling for Everyone (BERDE) program of the corporation.

NHMFC Communication Team