Build more houses for the Filipinos

To contribute to bridging the gap of the country’s socialized housing backlog. NHMFC created Socialized Loan Take-Out of Receivables (SHeLTeR) – a program that provides a liquidity facility for socialized housing originators and increases loan accessibility for the low-income sector.


Loan to Value Ratio


We can purchase up to 100% of the appraised value of your property

Repayment period


Up to 30 years

Interest Rates


As low as 3% for the first 5 years and 5.5% for the remaining years

Approval Time


11 working days upon submission of complete documents

Age Requirement


Maximum age of 70 years

Qualified Originators
  • Housing Developers (Must be NHMFC Accredited)
  • Micro-Finance Institutions
  • Rural or Thrift Banks
  • Cooperatives
  • Government Agencies and LGUs
  • Private Organizations
  • Other NGOs/Civic
  • Organizations interested to participate in the program
Get in Touch

For concerns and full details of this program, talk to us! Set an appointment by sending an email at or call us at 09178464523/09178231569.