Updating is within the minimum period of six months up to one year without incurring additional penalties.


Borrowers or successors in interest who availed of housing loans under any of NHMFC’s loan portfolio, and whose accounts are considered to be at least under the moderately delinquent status;

Borrowers or successors in interest whose loans are past due, who opt or prefer a shorter repayment alternative.

  • PhilSys ID or any Government issued ID
  • Updated Real Property Tax Receipt
  • Duly accomplished STUMP application

At least 10% of the total arrearages shall be required

Borrower’s obligation during period of availment

Borrower must make sure that the entire arrears subject of STUMP must be settled within the allowed period. On top of settling the arrearages, the regular monthly amortization must be paid religiously. While the arrearages portion (net of downpayment) shall not incur penalties during the duration of updating, the monthly amortization shall be subject to penalties in the event that the payment of which is made beyond due date.

Nullification of the Updating Agreement

The updating agreement shall be automatically nullified or deemed void should there be a failure to pay the total arrearages in full upon expiration of 1 year, notwithstanding the payment of the regular amortization.

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