Since the onset of the pandemic, restrictions have been raised from borders to borders, checkpoints became prevalent and the movement of people is limited to avoid social contact and spread of the virus. Senior citizens are one of the most vulnerable people at this time. Never has the need for the TCT-On-Wheels service been more essential to many of NHMFC’s clients affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

NHMFC, in response to the new normal situation being experienced all over the country and to improve its services by easing the needs of clients, especially the senior citizens, to visit NHMFC offices and do their official transactions, such as receiving of Transfer Certificates of Title (TCTs), the TCT-On-Wheels (TOW) service started rolling. Borrowers may request to have their TCTs delivered at the convenience of their homes.

In Metro Manila, the NCR Division personally delivered the TCTs of borrowers from Las Pinas and Muntinlupa City, while another borrower living in Rizal received her TCT in her very own residence through Ms. Eunice Susana of Rizal Division.

Just this year, Mr. Reynaldo Ong, a senior citizen and one of the early applicants of NHMFC’s Reverse Mortgage Program (RMP), benefitted from this initiative. Due to the distance of living in Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija, traveling to Manila is a risk for him. But through the efforts of Mr. Rodel Leocario and Ms. Sthella Cruz of the NHMFC Marketing Department, Mr. Ong’s TCT was personally delivered to him in his hometown.

“Congratulations to NHMFC not only for the wonderful program but also for having officers who really care for the welfare of Senior Citizens like us.” Mr. Ong said. During this difficult time, public servants are duty bound to provide the necessary assistance to every Filipino. All the more, to go an extra mile to reach out to those who are in need of service, fulfilling the pledge of the corporation to champion the needs of borrowers and clientele especially in times of pandemic.

Collection and Accounts Management Group (CAMG) personnel deliver the Transfer Certificates of Title (TCTs) to NHMFC senior borrowers to minimize their risk of exposure to Covid-19.
Ms. Eunice Susana of the Collection and Accounts Management Group (CAMG) (left) handed the TCT to a housing loan borrower in her own home in Rizal.
Mr. Reynaldo Ong (right), Reverse Mortgage Program applicant, receives his TCT which was delivered to him in Nueva Ecija by NHMFC Marketing staff, Sthella Cruz.
TCT-on-wheels was first initiated in 2019 by NHMFC Davao Office headed by Ms. Maristella Rebaya (left) during their onsite collection campaigns in Pagadian City and Zamboanga City. Some borrowers in these cities were unable to claim and pick-up their TCTs due to the distance of their place of residence from NHMFC Offices and the accompanying travel expenses such as fares and hotel/lodging accommodations.

NHMFC Communication Team